CETLI Teaching Workshop: Teaching Outside of the Tenure Track 

Steve Weitzman (Katz Center & Religious Studies); Natalie Dohrmann (Katz Center & Religious Studies); Anne Albert (Katz Center & History)
Apr 4, 2024 at - | Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, Seminar Room (420 Walnut St., 6th floor)

The vocation of teaching in Religious Studies and related disciplines is not restricted to those scholars who hold tenure-track jobs, and its audience is not restricted to undergraduate and graduate students. In this workshop, Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies Director Steve Weitzman, Associate Director Natalie Dohrmann, and Director of Public Programs Anne Albert will discuss the methods they use to reach non-university-based audiences and the ways they target their teaching to those audiences. They will also discuss ways to find teaching jobs outside of the tenure track and how to tailor applications for these jobs. Although the content of the discussion will focus on Religious Studies/Jewish Studies, the lessons learned should be broadly applicable across the humanities.

The workshop will be followed by an optional tour (4:30-5:00) of the Katz Center rare book collection and other resources that may be of interest to graduate students.

This teaching workshop is part of a year-long series organized by CETLI Fellow Jeremy Steinberg.