Honors Program in Religious Studies

The Honors Program (13 c.u.)

Highly motivated Religious Studies majors having at least a 3.5 GPA in Religious Studies may apply for honors standing, which involves enrolling in two additional independent research/reading courses and writing an honors thesis paper. This option is arranged through the Undergraduate Chair. If the student wants to undertake a large research project, they first consult with the Undergraduate Chair and another professor who is willing to work with them closely on this research project culminating in an honors thesis. Students pursuing this alternative will enroll in RELS 399 and 309 in their final two semesters. All honors candidates must earn a 3.5 average in their honors courses in order to graduate with honors.

The honors thesis proposal must be approved by the end of September of the major's senior year and the completed thesis will be presented to a committee of at least two Religious Studies professors in April of the major's senior year.