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With particular strengths in the study of Christianity, Judaism, American religions, Islam, secularism, Buddhism, and other Asian religions, the Department of Religious Studies emphasizes descriptive, historical, and theoretical approaches to the study of religion.

Upcoming Events

Teaching Polarizing Topics: CETLI Teaching Workshop

Anthea Butler, Religious Studies
Apr 18, 2024 at - | Cohen 204

Students have social and political concerns that can enter into the classroom depending on the topic. How do we teach topics like religion, race, and gender during politically charged times? How can we facilitate…

Abducting Religion: Rape and the Colonial Creation of Buddhist Sexuality in Burma

RELS Colloquium/TRAP Faculty Working Group Works-in-Progress Session
Alicia Turner, York University
Apr 25, 2024 at - | Cohen 204

Abstract coming soon...

Burmese Buddhist Exceptionalism and the Violence of Religious Tolerance

CEAS/TRAP Faculty Working Group Public Lecture
Alicia Turner, York University
Apr 25, 2024 at - | ANNS 111

Early European accounts of Burma expressed shock at the presence of what they understood to be liberal modern values imbedded in what would soon be a British colony in Southeast Asia. Burma was, to them, an exception…