Research Areas

The Graduate Group in Religious Studies at Penn brings together a range of domains of expertise. We specialize not just in geographical areas and historical religious traditions, but also in methods and approaches, including a reflexive approach to the category of “religion” itself, attention to material and visual culture, engagement with both classical manuscripts and contemporary media, and consideration of the role of religion against the backdrop of modernity and science, including considerations of politics, gender, and race. Rather than a formal track system, we encourage combinations of approaches, cultivating expertise that will prepare students for the academic job market while also developing research and communication skills applicable to a range of professional contexts. Our main areas of research and expertise, listed in alphabetical order, include:

The content and methodological component of each student’s course of study within their chosen field is determined in close consultation with members of the faculty. Our doctoral program is highly competitive and designed to maximize the educational experience, employability, and versatility of our doctoral students. Typically, all incoming students are provided with a full fellowship covering tuition, fees and living stipend for five years.