The Minor in Religious Studies

The Religious Studies minor is a great way to gain background in the scholarly study of religion in order to supplement or enhance major studies in other fields. A Student might combine a Religious Studies minor with a major in the sciences as a way to deepen their understanding of science as a part of culture, or to explore ethical issues. Students in Wharton or the College of Nursing have taken a Religious Studies minor to gain some fluency in matters of business ethics, bio-ethics, cross-cultural analysis, inter-religious affairs, and other areas of relevance


Every minor program must include six courses in at least two different religious traditions. Courses will usually come from the Religious Studies department itself but courses from other departments may be counted with approval from the Undergrad Chair. Students wishing to focus on an individualized topic may work out a program with the Undergraduate Chair.

Note for 23-24: the department is in the midst of clarifying inconsistent information about the minor on various university websites. Please follow this website as an authoritative guide. 

To become a Religious Studies minor, please see the Undergraduate Chair. A minor can be declared by completing the appropriate form on Path@Penn.