Past Events

Religious Studies End of Year Celebration

May 2, 2024 at -

The Department of Religious Studies will hold an end of year celebration to acknowledge the accomplishments of students and faculty on Thursday, May 2 at 5:15 PM in Fireside Lounge, ARCH Building. 


Burmese Buddhist Exceptionalism and the Violence of Religious Tolerance

CEAS/TRAP Faculty Working Group Public Lecture
Alicia Turner, York University
Apr 25, 2024 at -

Early European accounts of Burma expressed shock at the presence of what they understood to be liberal modern values imbedded in what would soon be a British colony in Southeast Asia. Burma was, to them, an exception…

Abducting Religion: Rape and the Colonial Creation of Buddhist Sexuality in Burma

RELS Colloquium/TRAP Faculty Working Group Works-in-Progress Session
Alicia Turner, York University
Apr 25, 2024 at -

Abstract coming soon...

Teaching Polarizing Topics: CETLI Teaching Workshop

Anthea Butler, Religious Studies
Apr 18, 2024 at -

Students have social and political concerns that can enter into the classroom depending on the topic. How do we teach topics like religion, race, and gender during politically charged times? How can we facilitate…

Barbara Ambros, Feeling Cross-species Kinship in Edo-Period Morality Books: Excessive Affect and the Ethic of Refraining from Killing and Releasing Life

RELS Colloquium/E. Dale Saunders Buddhist Studies/TRAP FWG Lecture
Barbara Ambros, UNC-Chapel Hill
Apr 11, 2024 at -

Barbara Rossetti Ambros is a professor in East Asian Religions in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at…

CETLI Teaching Workshop: Teaching Outside of the Tenure Track 

Steve Weitzman (Katz Center & Religious Studies); Natalie Dohrmann (Katz Center & Religious Studies); Anne Albert (Katz Center & History)
Apr 4, 2024 at -

The vocation of teaching in Religious Studies and related disciplines is not restricted to those scholars who hold tenure-track jobs, and its audience is not restricted to undergraduate and graduate…

"The Vicissitudes of Divine Desire: Mind, Pain, and Discernment in Chinese Charismatic Christianity and Spirit Mediumship"

Center for East Asian Studies Humanities Colloquium
Emily Ng (Penn)
Mar 28, 2024 - Dec 19, 2023 at -

An Uncouth Monk: The Moral Aesthetics of Buddhist Para-Charisma

CEAS/RELS/TRAP Faculty Working Group Joint Lecture on Southeast Asian Religions
Sara A. Swenson, Dartmouth College
Mar 21, 2024 at -

In this talk, I propose a theory of Buddhist “para-charisma” by analyzing the case of an iconoclastic monk in Vietnam. My argument draws from twenty…

What Not to Do: Anti-Lessons for Ethnographic Fieldwork

RELS Colloquium/TRAP Faculty Working Group Ethnography Workshop
Sara Swenson, Dartmouth College
Mar 21, 2024 at -

This special event will feature an ethnography of religion workshop during our normal colloquium time (3:30–5:00 PM), followed by a public lecture featuring Dr. Swenson's research. 

What Not to Do:…

Divine Comedy

Vaughn Booker, Justin McDaniel, Ben Wasserman
Mar 14, 2024 at -

Insights (and jokes) about the role of humor in religion, mourning, and the quest for ultimate meaning. 

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