Teaching With Audio: CETLI Teaching Workshop

Samantha M. Cooper, Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies
Feb 6, 2024 at - | Location: Williams Hall Room 3

Many instructors in the humanities are accustomed to using the “reading” as the primary unit of analysis, and we are often trained to guide our students through an analysis of a written text. But cultural artifacts do not always come in written form. This workshop is designed to prepare graduate student instructors for facilitating undergraduate analysis of audio materials. We will discuss the kinds of scaffolding we might offer our students to prepare them to analyze audio, various listening strategies we might suggest for our students, and the types of questions we might encourage our students to pose when analyzing audio content. The target audience of this workshop extends beyond the Religious Studies department to include any student who might find themselves teaching with audio.

This teaching workshop is part of a year-long series organized by CETLI Fellow Jeremy Steinberg.