Abdul Manan Bhat

PhD student Abdul Manan Bhat will be participating in a Uyghur and Urdu poetry event hosted by Haverford College. 

The Contest in Context: Uyghur and Urdu Poetry Reading and Discussion

At a time when their homelands are engulfed in crisis, two poets, one from the Uyghur region, the other from Kashmir, are giving voice to what it means to survive anguish and find a way to live, love, dream, and hope. Tahir Hamut Izgil and Abdul Manan Bhat's struggles inflect their voices: their lines are haunted by loss, and carry the bewilderments and unmoorings of being forced to leave home. Yet their poems also contain hope, and point to the imaginative and creative resources we can marshall to contend with our world. Come hear these two poets read their works in the original Uyghur and Urdu, while their translators, Joshua L. Freeman and Partha P. Chakrabartty, read their English renderings.

Details and registration at the following links: