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With particular strengths in the study of Christianity, Judaism, American religions, Islam, secularism, Buddhism, and other Asian religions, the Department of Religious Studies emphasizes descriptive, historical, and theoretical approaches to the study of religion.

Upcoming Events

Book Launch: Anthea Butler, White Evangelical Racism: The Politics of Morality in America

Anthea Butler, University of Pennsylvania
Apr 1, 2021 at -

A celebration of Dr. Anthea Butler's book White Evangelical Racism: The Politics of Morality in America

Funny—You Don’t Look Jewish!

Helen Kim, Whitman College, & Noah Leavitt, Whitman College
Apr 8, 2021 at -

A talk in the "Jews, Race, and Religion" lecture series.

Religious Studies Colloquium: Max Johnson Dugan on Religious Studies and Digital Humanities

Max Johnson Dugan, University of Pennsylvania
Apr 8, 2021 at -

PhD Candidate Max Johnson Dugan will give a presentation on using digital humanities methods in religious studies.