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Julie and Martin Franklin Associate Professor of Religious Studies


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Megan Eaton Robb is the Julie and Martin Franklin Associate Professor in Religious Studies. She teaches courses on South Asian Religions and Gender/Embodiment in Religion, including “Media and Religion in South Asia,” “Gender, Sexuality, and Religion,” “Religion and Sports,” “History of Print in South Asia,” and “History of Islam in South Asia.”

She is primarily a historian of Islam in South Asia, and her work overall investigates Islam in South Asia, viewed from the perspective of Urdu print publics. She presses on issues that illuminate the religious identity of Muslims in the 20th century and adds attention to material texts to studies of Urdu journalism. Her first book Print and the Urdu Public: Muslims, Newspapers, and Urban Life was published with Oxford University Press in October 2020. The book focuses on how the changing cultural and political climate of colonial India urged Muslims to expand the influence of existing print networks and make them distinctly Muslim. She analyzes this connection from a microstudy of both the discourse and materiality of Madinah newspaper, a paper printed from Bijnor qasbahthat presented itself as a voice for Muslims. A version of a chapter of this book appeared in Contemporary Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East in September 2020.

She has also co-edited the book Muslims Against the Muslim League: Critiques of the Idea of Pakistan (CUP, 2017) with Dr. Ali Usman Qasmi(LUMS). Dr. Robb has two substantial secondary research interests: 1) gender and Islam in South Asia and 2) comparative approaches to the connection between religion and sport in South Asia and North America. She has published articles related to her interest in gender in Modern Asian Studies, the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society. She is currently co-authoring a chapter on the relationship between religion and sport in the Islamic Society of Chester County for a forthcoming edited volume with Duke University Press. She is currently a Junior Fellow in the Andrew W. Mellon Society of Fellows in Critical Bibliography. She is on research leave for the spring semester in Canada, where she is the Fulbright Canada Research Chair in South Asian Islam, in residence at the University of Calgary



D.Phil, Oriental Studies, University of Oxford 
M.Phil, Modern South Asian Studies, University of Oxford
B.A., With Highest Honors, India Studies and English Literature, Indiana University Bloomington

Research Interests

History of Islam in South Asia; Hindi and Urdu Public Spheres; Modernities and Print; Politics and Publics; Gender, Sexuality, and Religion in South Asia and the Diaspora; 19th and 20th Century Reformist Movements in Islam; Religion and Sport

Research Areas
Asian Religions; Childhood, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Islam; Material and Visual Culture; Modernities, Secularism, and Science; Politics and Publics (this list is for prospective graduate students, to determine which research fields in the department Professor Robb supervises)
Courses Taught

Gender, Sexuality, and Religion

Religion and Sports

History of Print in South Asia

History of Islam in South Asia

History of Religion - Methodologies

Selected Publications

“Becoming Elizabeth: The Transformation of a Bihari Mughal into an English Lady, 1758-1822,” Forthcoming in American Historical Review March 2023. 

"Structuring Sports, Structuring Community: The Islamic Society of Chester County Debates a Basketball Court,” Book Chapter co-authored with Max Dugan for Religion and Sports in North America, edited by Randall Balmer and Jeff Scholes and contracted with Taylor & Francis. 

Printing the Urdu Public: Muslims, Newspapers and Urban Life 1900-1947, University of Oxford Press, October 2020  

 “Back to the Future Qasbah: Print and the Timescape of an Islamic Town in British India,” Contemporary Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. September 2020.

“Urban Emotions Behind the Veil: An Early Twentieth Century Muslim Wedding in Shahjahanabad,” in Special Journal Issue, “Urban Emotions in South Asia,” Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 27:4, pp. 649-665.

 Elizabeth Chatterjee, Sneha Krishnan, Megan Robb, “Feeling Modern: The History of Emotions in Urban South Asia,” Introduction to special journal issue “Urban Emotions in South Asia,” Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 27:4, pp. 1-19.

“Advising the Army of Allah: Ashraf Ali Thanawi's Critique of the Muslim League,” Muslims Against the Muslim League: Critiques of Pakistan. Delhi: Cambridge UP, pp. 142-168.

“Introduction,” Dr. ‘Ali Usman Qasmi and Megan Robb, Muslims Against the Muslim League: Critiques of Pakistan, Cambridge University Press, 2017,  pp. 1-34.

 “Women’s Voices, Men’s Lives: Masculinity in a North Indian Urdu Newspaper,” Modern Asian Studies 50:5, 1441-1473.


Fulbright Canada

Society of Fellows of Critical Bibliography

American Academy of Religion

American Historical Association

Association of Asian Studies

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