Professor Schaefer's Book Wins Prize from International Society for Science and Religion

Professor Schaefer's Wild Experiment has received a book prize from the International Society for Science and Religion in the category of books for professionals and educators. Here is how the selection committee describes this book:

Donovan Schaefer’s Wild Experiment is spirited, exciting and sparklingly brilliant. Part One describes one of the most striking changes in the general intellectual climate in recent decades, the dissolution of the sharp binary between thinking and feeling that had long been assumed, a change that occurred, not just in one discipline, but across-the-board. In particular, Schaefer argues that science is much more affective than has been widely recognised. In Part Two he applies this to the Darwin/Huxley debates, the Scopes trial, and New Atheism. Schaefer’s analysis of the modes of cognition involved in science and religion/secularism reconfigures how the subtle relationship between them should be construed, in a way that will have far-reaching influence.

Congratulations, Dr. Schaefer!