Undergraduate Research Published in National Honor Society Journal

Emma Boockvar and Zoe Millstein, two students in Professor Robb's Religious Studies Course Gender, Sexuality, and Religion have had their research accepted for publication by The Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa, the journal of the National Honor Society for Religious Studies and Theology.

Emma Boockvar's paper "A Clash of Creed: Jerusalem Pride Parade Stabbings Highlight the Paradox of LGBTQ+ Pride within Orthodox Jewish Doctrines" looks at LGBTQ+ issues in Israel. Her essay reflects on which set of doctrines should codify laws on homosexuality in Israel ––secular rights to individualism or Orthodox mandates, which the Orthodox community claims uphold Israel’s promise to remain a “Jewish State?

Zoe Millstein's paper "Redefining the Rabbinate: Women Rabbis in Israel and the United States" traces the development of women in the rabbinate in the two countries with the largest Jewish populations. The paper explains both the modern challenges of women in the rabbinate and the ways in which women rabbis have adapted their practices to become more inclusive. 

Congratulations to these two students! The articles will appear in The Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa in 2023.