Professor Butler Interviewed at Religion Dispatches and Keeping it 101 about White Evangelical Racism

Professor Butler's new book drops soon, and the interviews are coming in fast and furious. Recently, she was featured at Religion Dispatches and the Keeping It 101 podcast. 

Here's an excerpt from the Religion Dispatches Interview:

The subtitle is about the thesis of the book: simply put, morality isn’t a religious issue for evangelicals, but a political tool they hide behind that allows them to obscure the racist and sexist pronouncements and laws they often back and promulgate.  ... 

I think my message in this book is clear. I’m not here to fix evangelicals. That’s the job of those who still find value in it. My purpose in writing was to hold up the historical mirror to the movement, and show them who they really are.

And here's the Keeping It 101 podcast episode.