The Minor in Religious Studies

The Religious Studies minor is a great way to gain background in the scholarly study of religion in order to supplement or enhance major studies in a range of other fields. While a Religious Studies minor can complement any major field of study, in the past we have had minors who majored in History, Anthropology, Art History, Psychology, Political Science, Jewish Studies, South Asia Studies, or East Asian Language and Cultures, Nursing, Engineering, Pre-Med, Pre-Law, and Business. Recently, several students in Wharton and in the College of Nursing have found taking a Religious Studies minor allows them to gain fluency in matters of business ethics, bio-ethics, cross-cultural analysis, and inter-religious affairs. This skill set has directly contributed to their ability to thrive in their chosen careers and has enabled them to serve their patients or clients better.

Every minor program must include six courses in at least two different religious traditions. At least two of the six courses must be taken with core Department faculty (Butler, Durmaz, Elias, McDaniel, Robb, SchaeferThomas, or Weitzman). Students wishing to focus on an individualized topic are welcome to do so, and you may work out a program of study with the Undergraduate Chair.

To sign up, please see the Undergraduate Chair, Steve Weitzman