Sana Rizvi

Sana Rizvi

PhD Student


Sana is a doctoral student in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests explore Shi’a Islam in South Asia and the Persianate world, Islamic material and visual culture, and how lived religious communities experience migration, movement, and periods of decolonization in the twentieth century. She is also deeply interested in museum studies and the digital humanities, and hopes to incorporate this into much of her future work.

Prior to joining the University of Pennsylvania, Sana completed a BA (Honours) in History, International Relations and Women and Gender Studies from the University of Toronto and an MPhil in Modern South Asian Studies from the University of Oxford, where her thesis explored the development of migrant Twelver Shi’a communities in Karachi after the 1947 Partition of India through the analytical lens of carried relics, ritual spaces, and cityscapes.  


BA, University of Toronto

MPhil, University of Oxford

Research Interests

Material Culture


Shi’a Islam

Urban Religion

South Asian Religions

Islamic Religious History

Postcolonial Theory

Research Areas
Material and Visual Culture
Politics and Publics
Childhood, Gender and Sexuality Studies