Jeremy Steinberg

Jeremy Steinberg

PhD Student


Cohen 229

Jeremy Steinberg is a third-year student in Ancient Mediterranean Religions. His research interests, which he situates at the junction of Religious Studies and Classics, focus on Jewish literature of the late Hellenistic and early Imperial periods (a category in which he includes texts traditionally studied under the umbrella of Early Christianity). He is interested in conceptualizations of literature and discourse about literary composition as presented in works that circulated among Jews living under Greek and Roman rule. He is also interested in ancient formulations of Jewish identity, particularly in the western Diaspora.

Office Hours

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Classical Languages, University of Pennsylvania, 2019

BA in Religion (minor in Classical Culture & Society), Haverford College, 2016


Research Interests

Hellenistic Judaism(s)

Biblical Reception

Judaism in translation

Research Areas
Ancient Mediterranean Religions
Courses Taught

Fall 2021: Teaching Assistant; Gender, Sexuality, and Religion

Spring 2021: Teaching Assistant; Jews and Judaism in Antiquity

Fall 2020: Teaching Assistant; Religions of the West


Phi Beta Kappa Society

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