Robert A. Kraft

Berg Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies


B.A., Philosophy, Wheaton College (IL), 1955
M.A., Biblical Literature: New Testament, Wheaton Graduate School (IL), 1957
Ph.D., History and Philosophy of Religion, Christian Origins, Harvard University, 1961

Research Interests
  • the history and literatures of Judaism in the Greco-Roman Period, with special attention to the "Septuagint" and Old Greek (LXX/OG) translations and textual histories
  • the collections called apocrypha and pseudepigrapha
  • Philo of Alexandria and his world
  • Josephus of Jerusalem (and Rome)
  • the "Dead Sea Scrolls"
  • the history and literatures of Christianity before Constantine with special attention to heterodox Christian varieties
  • second century (ce) Jewish and Christian literature
  • use of Jewish sources and Jewish traditions in early Christianity
  • Paul and his influence
  • Jesus traditions
  • manuscripts and written remains from antiquity (papyrology, scrollology & codicology, paleography)
  • ancient and late antique coinage (numismatics)
Research Areas
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