Gabriel Raeburn

PhD Candidate


Gabriel Raeburn is a Ph.D. candidate in Religious Studies and History, working at the intersection of religion and politics, and the histories of race, inequality, and evangelicalism in the United States throughout the twentieth century.

His dissertation explores the Prosperity Gospel’s origins and its impact on American culture and politics. In contrast to scholarship on the Religious Right that centers middle-class evangelicals and organizations located on the East and West coasts, Raeburn’s dissertation reorients focus to Pentecostals located in Oklahoma and the surrounding region. He traces Pentecostal institution building across the postwar period, from tent revivals to media empires, to demonstrate how Pentecostals moved from the periphery to the center of evangelicalism. His research brings together political history, material culture, lived religion, and public policy to an array of state, religious, and private sector influences constructed the Prosperity Gospel, as well how ideas of race and inequality were critical to its development.

Raeburn also works on the history of radical historians in the United States from the 1960s to the 1980s, particularly Eugene D. Genovese. He recently published an article on Genovese and the radical journal Marxist Perspectives in Modern Intellectual History.




2018                M.A., Religious Studies and History, University of Pennsylvania

2015                M.St., U.S. History, University of Oxford

2014                B.A. with honors, American Studies and Politics, University of Sussex

Research Interests

Religion and Politics

Religious Right


Prosperity and Healing

Wealth and Inequality

Research Areas
American Religions
Material and Visual Culture
Politics and Publics
Courses Taught


Spring 2021, RELS110: American Jesus (Instructor)

Spring 2019, RELS137: Religion and the Global Future (Teaching Assistant)

Spring 2018, HIST001: Deciphering America (Teaching Assistant)

Fall 2017, HIST170: History of the American South (Teaching Assistant)

Fall 2016, RELS112: Religion from the Civil Right Movement to Black Lives Matter (Teaching Assistant)

Work in Progress

Dissertation Title: Preaching Prosperity: Pentecostals and the Transformation of American Evangelicalism, 1946 - 1988

Committee: Anthea Butler (advisor); Sarah Barringer Gordon; Brent Cebul; Kevin M. Kruse (Princeton)


American Academy of Religion

American Society of Church History

American Historical Association

Organization of American Historians 

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